About Conference

ICOSAANRM 2018: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT with the theme “Smart Farming for Sustainable Agriculture”,Smart farming techniques have turned agriculture into a high-tech sector. From planting to harvesting, precision machines provide farmers with new tools to manage their lands in ever more accurate and sustainable ways. For farmers, this means achieving savings in agricultural inputs while generating higher output, which in the end translates into greater economic viability for them” (Ulrich Adam).

Smart Farming has now reached a point where it is not only possible to collect vast quantities of data but also to control different pieces of equipment or monitor individual animals, the Internet of Things. A growing number of farmers are starting to adopt digital technology and data-driven innovations.

the event is expected to allow academics, scientists, and any stakeholders around the world to share ideas, and to build the future collaboration according to the most recent or another highlight technology in agriculture refers to Smart Farming for Sustainable Agriculture. The scopes are Agriculture engineering, biodiversity, plant science (Agronomy and Plantation, Plant Breeding, Agro-Biotechnology, Integrated Pest Management and Soil Science, Post Harvest, Waste Management), Agricultural Economic, Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, Marine Fisheries Science.

This conference will be held on August 28-29, 2018 in Medan, Indonesia organized by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) Indonesia.